Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Seasonal Frame Project: Summer

This little project began at Easter. I had very few decorations for that holiday, so I did my own twist on a Pinterest project, and ended up with three awesome pieces I wanted to hang in frames. I bought the frames over spring break, fully planning to swap out the Easter pieces for a set of year-round decor.

I never hung the frames, so they were stacked by my desk until last week, when I couldn't handle having them there any longer.

I started playing around, and I ended up creating this summer series. These frames are on a large wall in our foyer, which faces our neutral and aqua dining room, so I stayed with the cool end of the spectrum with these nautical die cuts. I designed the monogram myself, although it's really hard to see the monogram in these pictures (I'll confess, I used my iPhone and there was little natural light when I took these pictures). 

This set will probably be up until late August or early September, when I will swap them out for something that is either "year round" or a Halloween set. I have a list of 9 sets I want to create, so I will be swapping these out approximately every 4-6 weeks.

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