Thursday, November 20, 2014

30 @ 30

I see a lot of lists of things to accomplish during a certain year of a person's life. I felt like 30 was the perfect time to start doing these lists of my own. Obviously, since my birthday was over two months ago, I'm already in progress on several of these goals. I don't think I'll be doing monthly updates like I did with the "Before 30 Bucket List" (I'll be posting a wrap-up of that list soon).

1. Organize my craft room
2. Hit Gold status on my Starbucks card.
3. Create an awesome nursery for Stormageddon.
4. Write at least 12 blog posts a month.
5. Do a December Daily.
6. Catch up completely on Project Life.
7. Survive labor and delivery of Stormageddon.
8. Finish the assortment of projects I already have in progress.
9. Start a scrapbook for Hudson and keep it up to date for his first year.
10. Bake a batch of cookies each month.
11. Clean out my dresser drawers and closets.
12.Go to Pure Barre four times a week once the doctor clears me to resume exercise after Stormageddon's birth.
13. Read two books a month.
14. Read the New Testament.
15. Host a Christmas cookie exchange.
16. Finish my home management binder.
17. Complete and order the pregnancy journal I'm making on Shutterfly.
18. Create 52 scrapbook layouts.
19. Host a Christmas party.
20. Reach my preferred minimum personal volume with 31 each month.
21. Earn level one Ready, Set, Sell kits for each season with 31.
22. Clean out my 31 stash.
23. Have two 31 parties a month.
24. Go home to North Dakota twice.
25. Paint canvases for decorating our house.
26. Make all of our 2015 Christmas gifts for friends and family.
27. Have a family photo shoot.
28. Do a maternity photo session.
29. Have a newborn photo shoot for Stormageddon.
30. Finish our wedding scrapbook.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

29 best moments

Last year, when I turned 29, I started planning a series of posts related to my thirtieth birthday, with the intention of starting to post them about a month before the big day (September 15). Well, just before August 15, I found out my baby is on the way, and I basically became worthless for several months as morning sickness and fatigue ruled my life. Now that my energy is coming back and the nausea has subsided, I'm planning to revive the blog, share those planned posts, and create some new content to share as well. 

1. Seeing the Biltmore Estate
2. Hearing "Welcome Aboard!" when I was hired at the middle school
3. Eating Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream with my parents at the Country Living Fair at Stone Mountain
4. The night Crookshanks climbed into my lap for the first time ever
5. Celebrating Friendsgiving with Jennifer and Justin the night before Thanksgiving
6. Meeting baby Austin and celebrating Thanksgiving with him and his parents, Mike and Brittany
7. The night Rachel was in town and we ate at both Yeah! Burger and Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream
8. My first trip to the Newnan Jimmy John's location - I'd been waiting four years for it to open!
9. Being home for Christmas in North Dakota
10. Celebrating New Year's Eve with Jennifer, Justin, and Rachel at our house
11. When Trevor returned from training for Valentines Day
12. When the blossoming pear tree started blossoming in the spring
13. The night Trevor came home from training for good
14. The moment I realized I was done with telling myself "No" and "Maybe later" when it came to getting or doing the things I really want
15. My first Pure Barre class in May!
16. When one of my students started calling me "Mama" and said he couldn't drop out of school because "I would miss you because I love you."
17. The last day of school
18. My fourth Pure Barre class, when the manager/instructor complimented my form over the speakers!
19. Flying home to see my family for the first time in six months
20. Seeing the Badlands with my family and Trevor
21. Praying together with some of my dearest friends at the Women's Night of Prayer at church
22. Celebrating Steve and Nelcia's wedding with the newlyweds, Nick, Jorge, Dane, and Anu
23. Starting school and returning to the same school for the first time in my teaching career
24. Seeing a Braves game followed by a Weezer concert with Dave and Trevor
25. Finding out the next afternoon that Stormageddon was on his or her way
26. Having a DQ Blizzard on Miracle Treat Day in honor of my co-teacher's son, a former Miracle Child of the Year
27. Celebrating Trevor's 32nd birthday
28. Sharing the news with our families that Stormageddon was on the way
29. Seeing Stormageddon for the first time at our 8 week ultrasound