Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday 5: Weekend Reading

As I find my voice and figure out what I'm aiming to do with this blog and the features I've developed for it, I've decided to start sharing 5 articles or blog posts I have recently read and loved as one of the Friday 5 posts each month. Other blogs are doing this, and I am always pleasantly surprised to find articles I wouldn't have discovered on my own. I hope you too will find something new each time I post this feature.

I loved this post on how to offer advice.

I was surprised to find myself nodding along while I read this article about why the world would benefit from creative types saying no more often.

This article about handwriting made me think about how education and language might be evolving, and whether that evolution is a good thing.

My friend Allison shared this blog post about beauty last week. She emailed it to all the women she knows. It is beautiful, and powerful.

Finally, my friend Dave shared these images via Facebook last weekend. I loved the juxtaposition of the pristine landmarks with evidence of every day, modern life.

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