Friday, February 27, 2015

Weekend Links

This was originally meant to be a Friday Five post last Friday, but I never did find a fifth link I enjoyed enough to include, so I thought it would become a Friday Four instead. However, the post sat all weekend, and I never hit the publish button on my laptop. So instead, I'm calling it the "Weekend Links" and sharing for this weekend.

What babies learn before birth

Historically accurate versions of Disney princesses Pocahontas is pretty much topless, so this isn't safe for work!

Why Evangelicals Need to Observe Lent

Lent 101 

Monday, February 2, 2015

28 week update

27 weeks, 3 days at Starr's Mill on 1.24.15

As of January 28, I'm in the third trimester. We had our 28 week appointment the following day. I passed my glucose challenge test, so there's no gestational diabetes! I also had an ultrasound due to a low lying placenta detected on the 20 week anatomy scan. We were able to see that Hudson was in position for birth and that the placenta has indeed been pulled upward. We were very happy with all the good news we received!

I'm still feeling really well. I've had no real swelling, acne, or fatigue yet. My hands were a bit swollen yesterday at church, but it subsided quickly and hasn't come back yet. I've been having a little heartburn, but it's impossible to predict what will do it. A banana might set me off, but the jalapeƱo ranch dressing on my salad may not. 

I'm also starting to have some mood swings, too. Trevor washed our sheets and mattress pad one night this past week, but the mattress pad came out of the dryer at 10 pm still wet. I definitely burst into tears and said I just wanted to go to sleep. It's been a few little things like that lately. I just keep praying that I won't have a swing like that at work. My students would eat me alive if they thought they had made me cry!

If you turn your head and look closely, you can sort of see his cute little face!
Hudson is now kicking away regularly. Most of his kicks these days can be easily felt by a hand on my belly, and last night, we were able to see him moving around. My whole belly was shaking off and on for about five minutes as he got settled in for the evening. In the mornings, I usually feel Hudson on my left side, kick boxing with the mattress when my alarm clock rings. We got to see just a bit of his face on the ultrasound last week, and he is definitely starting to have some chubby little cheeks! He had a hand up by his face and his eyes were closed. On Saturday morning, I was up before Trevor, and I saw that Trevor had his left hand up over his eye, just like Hudson had done on his latest sonogram. Hudson is definitely going to be just like his dad!

The nursery is almost ready. We just need a rocking chair and some decorations on the walls. I think I'll be spending some quality time on Pinterest this week and in my craft room this weekend to get something done. We sort of cobbled together our nursery design from a few different stores, so there wasn't really any decor that we could buy to match our nursery. Once I get some decorations up on the walls, I'll be sharing some pictures here.

These next few weeks will be super busy for us. There are lots of gatherings and celebrations coming up, including our first baby shower! Hudson's first friend, Reagan, was born on Super Bowl Sunday, so we are excited to go meet her soon. Her parents are our sweet neighbors and community group friends, Jeremiah and Stacy. With all that is coming our way, I'm certainly praying that I can keep the third trimester fatigue and pains away as long as I can!