About Me

My name is Lynsey. I was born in North Dakota and raised on a cattle ranch. I left for the University of North Dakota with the plan to major in political science and communications so I could eventually move to Atlanta and work for CNN. By the end of my first semester, the plan had changed to the more realistic goal of teaching English somewhere in North Dakota or western Minnesota.

And then I met Trevor, who would later become my husband. Three months later, he began his first position as a commercial pilot for a regional airline based in Atlanta.

I did end up teaching English in North Dakota for one year. I got married the following summer and moved to Atlanta just like I had planned to do years earlier, but I'm not working for CNN. I held various jobs in education for nearly six years before my son arrived in 2015. Now, I'm a stay at home mom to a wild, crazy, sweetheart of a toddler named Hudson. I spend what little free time I have crafting, writing, and reading. I have hopes of one day parlaying these loves into a successful work at home business, but for now, I'm happy doing these things for myself and gifting some of my creations to friends and family.

In addition to my husband and son, our two cats round out our family. PJ and Paisley were placed in boarding in the summer of 2013, but their owner never returned. We learned they were on death row after two months at the boarding facility, so we picked them up and renamed them Crookshanks and Minerva. They bonded with us quickly, and we could never imagine what our home would be like without them.

Welcome to our little corner of the world!