Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Before 30 Bucket List: July/August Update

1. Run a 5K. Take a step toward better overall health.

My Pure Barre membership ran out at the end of June, and honestly, I'm not sure when or if I am going to go back. It's a great class, but the price is so high for a monthly membership. I don't feel like I was getting the customer service I would expect for such a significant investment. The instructors are all awesome, but the studio does not respond to client communication in anything resembling an appropriate time frame. I may give them a second chance, but for now, I'm not sure I want to go back.

2. Make my office/scrapbook space perfect.

Getting there. We will just leave it at that.

3. Pass the Middle Grades Social Sciences GACE.

This really isn't a goal any longer. The August window didn't work with my school schedule this fall, and I'm just not sure that I will get a teaching job with a second certification. I think I need a Masters degree and more experience.

4. Re-do/refresh our bedroom, including paint.

We aren't painting any time soon. This is really a weekend project, and Trevor works every weekend in August. I am really happy with the decor in the room, though, and it's really becoming a happy little retreat for us. Crookshanks and Minerva spend most of their time napping or playing in our master suite, so we have found ourselves spending more time in there, too.

5. Make curtains for the guestroom.
Done as of May 27

6. Make curtains for the living room/kitchen.

Done as of June 19

7. Finish A Clash of Kings.

I'm right around page 500. I think if I decide to read about 30 pages a night before bed, I will finish it by my birthday.

8. Complete our wedding scrapbook.

I'm not really sure that this could possibly happen before my birthday. I think I'm going to order a Project Life Wedding Mini Kit while it's on sale on Amazon.com and use that as the basis of my layouts.

9. Reduce my wardrobe.

This is tabled for now. I realized that I need a good consignment store before I attempt this. I have a lot of dresses I've worn once or twice that don't fit me right or don't work for my needs (like the pretty white sundress that I can obviously never wear to a wedding). I can't stand the thought of just donating them when I know I've spent a lot of time and money obtaining these dresses.

10. Finish my home management binder.

I'm now looking at this as something I want to finish by the first of the year so I will start 2015 with a management binder that is ready to go.