Monday, January 11, 2016

Nine Years

Last night, a bit after 9 PM, Trevor called. I smiled when I saw his photo and name pop up on my phone. I'm always excited to hear from him when he's gone, but this was different. Nine years ago last night, at just after 9 PM, Trevor called me for the first time, and we talked for several hours. At the end, Trevor asked, "Can we continue the conversation over coffee tomorrow night?"

Nine years ago tonight, we had our first date at Starbucks in Grand Forks, ND - the one in the strip mall in front of Super Target. We talked for hours - until they kicked us out! We were together every day after that, and we made it official the following Tuesday evening. 

Eight days later, Trevor got the call to interview at ASA. He was hired at the interview two months later, and he left for Atlanta in early April. He commuted to Grand Forks twice a month during my final year at UND. We talked on the phone every night, even when Trevor was doing sims at 5 am in training. 

I student taught, and then did one more semester at UND to complete a requirement that slipped through the cracks (my advisor was constantly changing, so it was like I didn't have one). I visited Trevor for spring break, and I fell in love with the South.

I graduated from UND in May 2008. During finals week, I interviewed for a teaching job and accepted it the next day. I would be moving to tiny Velva, ND in the fall to teach middle and high school Language Arts. 

Eighteen months to the day after our first date, Trevor proposed in Chicago. It was the day after our friends, Dave and Erin Cerny, were married. I wanted to go home via Las Vegas and secretly get married, with a church wedding later. Trevor vetoed this plan, but I'm glad he did. We were married in a beautiful Catholic Mass just over a year later, on July 25, 2009, and I moved to Atlanta to join him. 

We bought our house in February 2011, and we began growing our family when we adopted our cats in September 2013.  Trevor was hired by Spirit in December 2013 and reported to training on Super Bowl Sunday 2014. Six months later, we found out we were expecting Hudson. 

It's been an amazing 9 years, and I can't wait to see what the next 99 have in store (I'll only be 130 - it's possible, right?!?!)

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