Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Day in the Life: Hudson at 9 months

I can't believe I didn't publish a single post last week! Life was pretty crazy for us - Trevor was gone Tuesday through Friday, Hudson decided he will only nap if we hold him, and he learned how to pull himself up to kneel! He definitely lived up to his "Hurricane Hudson" nickname!

Loads of well meaning, curious people have asked how Hudson and I stay busy on the days Trevor is working. I always say that we have no problems staying busy, and to prove it, I tracked what we did for one day last week. Here's how we spent our Wednesday!

6 AM: Wake up. I let Hudson fuss a few minutes, and if he doesn't go back to sleep, I get up. I change his diaper and we nurse in the rocking chair.

7 AM: Done nursing, we head downstairs. Hudson plays on the floor while I have my coffee.

8 AM: Hudson has his second breakfast of Gerber Lil Crunchies and a banana. It takes 30-45 minutes to feed him each meal. He plays on the floor, turning on the Roomba, while I clean up. 

9 AM: Nursing/napping time in the rocking chair. 

9:30 AM: Hudson is wide awake and bouncing on my lap, pulling at my glasses. We move to my bedroom, where he plays on the floor and I straighten up. I also need to wipe tiny fingerprints from my glasses. The cats watch warily from the center of the bed. 

10:15 AM: I have a grumpy, inconsolable baby pulling on my legs. Back to the rocking chair to give this nap another go. He's quickly asleep. I browse Facebook  and read a chapter in an ebook.

11 AM: Realizong that he might be down for awhile, I take off my glasses, put down my phone, and settle in to nap with him. 

11:45 AM: We wake up, but Hudson is fussy. I nurse him for another half hour, and he snoozes in my arms. 

12:15 PM: It is play time! Hudson crawls to the tote with his toys and starts pulling them out. He greets several with his favorite word: Hi! 

12:30 PM: My stomach is rumbling. I change from PJs to fleece clothes and retrieve the mail, then fix lunch for Hudson and me. 

12:45 PM: Sit down to eat. I alternate bites of my food with giving him bites of food. 

1:30 PM: The baby/bottomless pit has been satiated, so we clean up. 

1:45 PM: Hudson is super angry again, so I nurse him after a diaper change. He stars to nod off quickly once again.

2:45 PM: Hudson is suddenly awake and throws himself from my arms to the floor. He wants to see everything in his room right now! 

3 PM: We move to my room, where I try to sort my tanks and camisoles. I am trying to work through the KonMari Process. Hudson is too interested in the bright fabric and rearranges my piles, so I give up quickly. 

4:15 PM: Fussy again. We attempt to nap but he would rather pinch and bite. 

4:30 PM: We go downstairs and Hudson plays while I prep his dinner. 

5 PM: Dinner time. Hudson eats lots of applesauce, bananas, and cheese. By 5:40, he is super fussy. 

5:50 PM: Bath time. Hudson plays in the water for 15 minutes before pooping and ending his bath.

6:10 PM: Overnight diaper, calming bed time lotion, and fleece jammies. I nurse Hudson until he falls asleep. 

6:35 PM: I try to switch sides but Hudson wakes up. I make a bottle of formula. He drinks half, then tries to nurse again.

7:20 PM: Hudson is finally asleep. I clean up the cat vomit in the hallway and the poop in the bath tub.

7:45 PM: I finally get to eat my dinner and relax a little before cleaning the kitchen, dining room, and living room. 

10 PM: Shower, blow dry my hair, get ready for bed. Wind down by playing games on my phone.

11:30 PM: Lights out! We sleep blissfully all night, waking around 6 once again. 

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