Sunday, January 31, 2016

January 2016 recap

There's a meme you've probably seen. It reads "Each month has an average of 30-31 days...except the last month of pregnancy, which has 1453 days."

Well. After having been through that last month of pregnancy, I can confidently say January actually has 2000 days. ;)

This has been a long, tough month for me. Trevor had three sets of 6 day trips from December 27 through February 2, plus two junior man assignments and a scheduled 4 day trip. 

Here's the big stuff that happened this month: 

Hudson learned to pull himself to a kneel, and then to a standing position. He's going to walk well before a year, I'm sure. 

We joined a new small group at church, which means we will now have a group of families that we meet with twice a month. 

We FINALLY ordered new sheets, pillow shams, and a duvet cover for our bedroom! The duvet cover has yet to arrive, though. It's been on back order for months. I guess it's quite popular!

We took a little trip to IKEA and Trader Joe's last week to get ready to baby proof the house and start the Whole 30 challenge. The next day, Hudson and I went to story time at the library with another pilot wife, Amanda, and her 7 month old, Archer. 

Trevor left for a 6 day trip. Hudson took a big tumble, and bit his lip open. He also rug burned his sweet little nose! To make it worse, the next night, he woke up just wailing at 11 PM. I went in his room to find green snot streaming down his face. We were struck with baby's first cold. Hudson and I spent the last part of the month hunkered down, trying to get through the week without Trevor. 

Here's hoping February is a better, easier month for us! 

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