Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Friday 5: Goals for 2016

1. Read the entire Bible.

I've honestly never read the Bible all the way through. I'm sure I've read almost all of it over the years, but I've never actually read it all. I would love to change that this year. 

A week into the new year, I'm doing well with this one! My iPhone and the Bible app are always with me, so I usually do my reading while Hudson nurses or naps on my lap. 

2. Declutter and organize our house.

I had no idea how much extra stuff would come with one extra person! I'm working towards reducing our possessions to only those which spark joy. I'm planning to read the Marie Kondo book everyone is raving about, and revisit another really good uncluttering book I've had for a few years. I'll take what seems useful from each, and develop my own system. 

3. Lose the leftover baby belly. 

I have lost exactly half of what I gained while pregnant. My pre pregnancy weight was actually a bit on the low end for my height, so if I can lose half of what's left, I'll be happy. Toning is actually a bigger issue. While I would love to do Pure Barre to help me tone, I can't devote the drive time to it right now. I would spend as much time in the car as I did in class. Orange Theory is something that's on my radar right now, as I need that accountability. Beach Body workouts I do at home just end up collecting dust. 

For now, my focus is on eating better and trying to hit 5,000 steps a day with my Fitbit. 

4. Update the blog 3 times a week. 

I've been feeling moved to write lately. Writing has been a big part of my life. I tried to write my first novel at age 10. I've always had a journal of some kind, and j wrote for two different newspapers in college. Somewhere along the line, that passion fell away for awhile. It's back in a big way. My blog will be the outlet for that passion. This year will be all about finding my voice as a writer and my niche as a blogger. 

5. Learn to use my DSLR camera. 

As I said in my OLW post a few days ago, Trevor gave me a Canon D-Rebel as a push present, and I haven't really learned to use it yet. My goal is to be taking great photos with it by the end of 2016. Who knows? Maybe I'll end up starting a small photography business! 

Bonus goal: Live out my One Little Word, Focus, by making my goals, faith, marriage, family, and health my top priorities this year. 

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