Thursday, July 2, 2015

Other July Challenges

In addition to the blogging challenge I created for myself, I have also joined two other challenges through Facebook.

1) My friend April Meza challenged hersf to read Scripture daily in July. She asked friends to join her, and she posts a daily question asking what we are reading each day. I'm reading two chapters a day right now. By mid-July, I should have completed a reading plan I began last November! I'm reading via an iPhone app while Hudson nurses, so this is very easy to keep up with!

2) The Minimalist Game

Discovered via my friends Marc and Tiffany Gough, this game is all about decluttering. For each day in July, I'll be finding items to remove from our home. The twist is that the number of items must match the number on the calendar. So, today I'll remove two items, and on Jy 31, I'll remove 31 items! I am looking forward to removing a few hundred things from my house in the coming month. Since I'm about to start reading the Konmari book, this is a perfect challenge for me!

What's your challenge for July? 

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