Sunday, July 5, 2015

Excerpt from Savor

I'm currently reading a seven day devotional excerpted from the book Savor by Shauna Niequist. Today's reading really touched me:

"There are things that happen to us that give us two options. Either way, we will never be the same, and we shouldn’t. These things can either strip us down to the bone and allow us to become strong and honest, or they can be the reasons we use to behave poorly indefinitely, the justification for all manner of broken relationships and broken ideals. It could be the thing that allows everything else to turn, the lock of our lives to finally spring open and allow our pent-up selves to blossom. Or it can be the reason we use to justify our anger and the sharp tones in our voices for the rest of our lives. We become who we are in these moments. I have a friend who falls back, whenever things are too hard, to an event that happened over a decade ago. It’s the thing that she uses to justify cruel behavior. But wouldn’t it be great, wouldn’t it be just like God, if that terrible thing could be the thing that lifts her up and delivers her to her best, truest self? It can. It happens all the time."

Never let your circumstances be an excuse - make them an inspiration to do better! 

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