Thursday, July 2, 2015

Friday Five: Freedoms

In the spirit of the holiday tomorrow, I'm sharing five of the freedoms I'm especially thankful for this year. 

1) Freedom of Religion 
I love that I can practice my faith however I choose - and that others can choose to do the same, even if that includes practicing no faith at all. 

2) Freedom of Speech
I can post whatever I want on my blog or
social media. I can say what I want in public without fear. Artists can create works using any subject matter. This is a glorious thing!

3) Freedom to Vote
I get to cast a vote for leaders or ballot measures. I've been able to vote in three presidential elections so far. I've been a political junkie since I was 10, so this is a huge deal for me. 

4) The Free Market
The government is relatively hands off when it comes to our market place. We can shop at a variety of stores and choose from a variety of brands. This isn't the case in many other countries. 

5) The Freedom of Equality 
This is twofold. First, I'm happy that I can drive, work, and own property as a woman in this country. In most cases, I know I'll be afforded the same rights as a man. Second, I'm pretty psyched that my  gay friends and family can finally be married anywhere in the nation! I know a couple that's been committed for 12 years, but they couldn't be married in their home state until now. That's definitely something worth celebrating! 

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