Saturday, April 4, 2015

37 Week Update

Less than three weeks to go until our due date! I am definitely getting big, and tired. I'm not miserable yet, and really, I'm not even all that uncomfortable. My feet and calves are quite swollen all of a sudden. My slightly too big Bobs are leaving bright red marks on my feet! On the plus side, my calves are finally filling out the skinny jeans I bought in January!

Even though I'm physically feeling well, I am so over my maternity clothes. My belly has outgrown several things, so I've got a limited wardrobe that mostly consists of winter apparel. With temperatures well above 70 in Georgia, I'm ready for summer clothes! I did order a couple lightweight dresses from Old Navy, so that helps, but I really don't want to invest in anything else this close to the due date.

The midwives have decided that Hudson is enormous. The ultrasound we did this past week estimated his size to be around 7 pounds 10 ounces with a head in the 97th percentile, and a stomach/chest area in the 87th percentile. Due to my petite stature, they have decided I should see one of the doctors at the practice this coming week for another opinion. They aren't talking about a c-section yet, but induction is a very real possibility. It's looking very unlikely I will carry this baby to 40 weeks!

I feel very excited to know there are really just days to go, but I'm also very nervous, too. My fears about caring for this little one are surfacing. My fears about the pain of birth (and a possible c-section) are growing. I've never been hospitalized before. I know these fears are mostly nothing. People have babies every day, but it's different when it's your body and your baby! I just have to remember that the providers I'm seeing delivery babies every day, and I have to put my faith in them and God to do what's best for me, too. 

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