Friday, March 20, 2015

35 Week Update

33 weeks, 3 days at our maternity shoot
About three weeks ago, Atlanta was projected to have a repeat of the SnowJam of 2014. School was canceled, and my women's health clinic was closed, forcing me to reschedule my 32 week appointment for the following Monday. The only openings that worked for my next appointment were on Wednesday, March 19, so we ended up having a 35 week check up instead of a 34 week check up.

Hudson and I are both doing well. The midwife believes he is over 6 pounds - so I could have a 9 pound baby! I am not dialated at all yet, but our midwife* made it sound like he could come at any time. She decided to put me on weekly appointments now because I've been having contractions already. I'm guessing he will be arriving before his April 22 due date! 

Since the last update, I've definitely been more tired. My sinuses are acting up, so I'm having a tough time falling asleep and staying asleep. I've definitely had to slow down quite a bit as my belly has grown a lot. It's hard to believe there are about five weeks left to go. It's becoming a struggle to find clothes that fit, so I've had to order a few things to make it through the next few weeks of work. 

Hudson is moving more and kicking less. That is, his motions are less violent and feel more like his whole body is shifting rather than the jerky motions of his hands and feet that I felt before. I'm sure he's getting crowded in there! Every once in awhile, I still feel a pretty strong kick, and in fact, about a week and a half ago, he got me hard enough that I must have had internal bruising because I was sore for nearly a week after!

We did maternity photos with our friends Jessica and Anthony of Bridges Photography. I'll be sharing more of those in a post soon. We had so much fun hanging out with them! We have known them almost since we moved to Georgia, as crazy as that is! We connected pretty quickly once we learned that both Anthony and Jessica had worked at ASA when Trevor did, although their overlap was brief.

We have three showers coming up in the next two weeks, so things are going to be really busy around here! Trevor is working every weekend, too, so our time as a family of two humans and two fur babies is quickly slipping away. Fortunately, the nursery just needs a couple more decor items, and it will be done.

*Our practice uses 7 certified nurse midwives who see patients in the office. Six of them deliver babies at the hospital, with the seventh being the clinical director for the practice. When I say "our midwife," I really am referring to the one we saw that week, not one in particular. However, we've seen one midwife in particular for nearly half of our appointments, so I'm really hoping she's on call for Hudson's birth.

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