Saturday, April 18, 2015

39 week update

I put off writing this update because I was in denial that I'm 39 weeks pregnant. I'm in denial that this child isn't here yet. I'm in denial that I will be giving birth in the next week and that I will have to take care of a little person very soon.

The news at my appointment this past Wednesday was very encouraging. I was pretty well dialated and advised that I could start my leave immediately as Hudson could arrive in the next 48 hours. More than three days later, I'm still sitting here, waiting for a baby to arrive. I've had contractions, but they've never gotten close enough together to call the triage nurse at our practice. I have been REALLY tired. I've been sleeping 10-12 hours a night and sometimes taking naps in the middle of the day, so while I am feeling guilty about leaving work a few days early, I know I couldn't have handled being there on Thursday and Friday this week.

Our bags are packed. The nursery is in spotless condition. Our room has a little corner set up for him to room-in with us for the first few months. All that is left is a baby.

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