Sunday, January 4, 2015

24 Weeks!

As of New Year's Eve, Hudson is viable! Medical personnel can save him if he would be born after this point. It certainly wouldn't be easy or ideal, but I take a lot of comfort in knowing we have hope now. His lungs will be developed enough for him to breath on his own when he reaches 27 weeks. That will be January 21. I will be so excited when we reach that milestone.

Hudson is now over a foot long and weighs more than a pound. He's becoming more and more active each day. He is still most active overnight, so unless I'm waking up at night, I don't feel him that much. I was able to feel him really stretch out a couple days ago - a few little kicks along my right side and some little flutters just above and far below my belly button. I can only imagine that he was lying in a transverse position and stretched out his arms and legs as far as they could go. It was pretty amazing to feel him moving in so many spots at once. I can't imagine how those expecting twins must feel.

I am still feeling really well. I did catch a cold while I was in North Dakota this past week, though. It was pretty miserable until I found out I could take Robitussin that doesn't contain alcohol. It made a huge difference in my comfort level. I am still coughing a lot, but I am feeling loads better now that I am home in my own bed. 

Our next checkup is Wednesday. We will actually be at 25 weeks at that point, but my schedule and the midwives' schedules didn't match up during the holidays. This will be a fairly brief appointment, but our 28 week appointment will be fairly lengthy. I'll have the glucose challenge for gestational diabetes, complete my FMLA paperwork with the midwife, have an ultrasound to check my placenta (the anatomy scan showed a partial placenta previa), and discuss our birth plan. It will be over an hour, maybe longer. I'll probably take a personal day that day so Trevor and I can work on the nursery if I'm feeling up to it after the long appointment (and gross glucose drink).

Today, Trevor and I are taking care of about a million little things before I start school again on Monday. I'm co-hosting a baby shower next Sunday for a friend who recently moved into our neighborhood, so I'm working on decorations between loads of laundry, and Trevor is getting some painting done in the nursery so I can start organizing it in the evenings after school.

Here's to a great first full week of 2015! 

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