Monday, January 20, 2014

One Little Word 2014: Joy

I thought about many different words for this year. I even went as far as to create graphics for two different words, but I just couldn't commit to them. Then, this weekend, I was looking through my necklaces, trying to choose one to wear to Ikea on Saturday morning, and my Origami Owl Tagged necklace jumped out at me.

find joy in the journey.

My word came to me immediately. Joy has been on my mind ever since our church's women's event in December. The main point of the presentation was that joy is really like an unflappable peace, something that transcends our circumstances. Being a worrier, being the person that can always think of ten ways everything can go wrong, I know I need that kind of peace. It seems especially important given the changes coming our way this year - Trevor's new job, the uncertainty of my whether I'll be at the same school this fall, and turning 30. 

I need peace. I need joy. I need to not worry.

So this year, I'm all about joy. Finding joy in my journey, finding joy in the everyday, finding joy in the most mundane places. This is my mission for 2014. 

What's your mission? Did you pick a word for 2014? Tell me about it in the comments. I might even share some responses on the blog next time I discuss my one little word.

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