Friday, January 3, 2014

5 for Friday: 5 things you'll see from me this year

Revamping a blog takes work. So does developing the vision for a new blog. Today, I thought I'd lay out a bit of what my vision is for this new blog.

1. Five for Friday - an assortment of lists of five things. Pretty self-explanatory. It's going to run the gamut from lists of scrapbook supplies I love to my five favorite TV shows of the moment. Or it could be a completely random list, too. This is probably going to be my most constant feature for awhile because I have tons of ideas for this one.

2. An increasing amount of content - I'm pulling back from some of my other commitments in order to have more time for what I really want to do. It's going to be a slow process, so that means that I will be slowly adding more to this blog as I gain more time for it.

3. Projects! I have been doing a lot of collecting and not enough doing these past few months, so it's time for me to get back into the habit of making and sharing my projects (which might be tougher - I've relied on a number of challenge blogs to get my mojo going, and at least three of them quit at the end of December).

4. Videos - This is going to be a first for me. I'm going to be sharing a few short videos on my blog. I will warn you, they will not be great quality - I'm planning to record them with my iPhone! These really aren't going to be technique heavy. Instead, they are going to be glimpses into how I organize things in my albums and in my office, and I hope they are never longer than five minutes in length.

5. Personal content - This is NOT a craft blog. This is my personal blog. You might end up seeing my personal photos here, my favorite ice cream shop, recipes, all sorts of things. There is a lot I want to share with family and friends who don't Facebook, so those things will be going here, too. I'll do my best to use tags so that if you just want to see the projects, you can skip the personal posts. 

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