Wednesday, April 5, 2017

What we've been up to...

I've been MIA for awhile, so I'm going to start my return to blogging with a little recap as to what has been going on with us.

We traveled to North Dakota last July to see my family.

We celebrated Trevor's birthday in August.

We went to North Dakota again in September and celebrated my birthday.

My mother-in-law came to visit us in October.

We went to Minnesota in November.

We went to Minnesota again in December.

We flew to Minnesota for a night, flew to North Dakota the next day, and spent Christmas with family. Our return trip was the same: fly to Minnesota night one and onto Georgia on day two. On the way home, Trevor realized he needed to see a doctor for his ear issues, so he dropped Hudson and me at home and drove straight to urgent care. This started the vicious cycle of all three of us getting sick... over and over again for the rest of the winter and spring.

Trevor's dad won tickets to the Super Bowl in Houston. No one else was interested or able to go, so Trevor chose to go with his dad. Trevor's parents flew to Atlanta that Friday. Trevor and his dad flew to New Orleans and drove the rest of the way to Houston on Saturday. Trevor's mom stayed with Hudson and me for the weekend while I cooked an entire month's supply of dinners. Trevor and his dad returned on Monday, and his parents left on Tuesday.

The rest of February was a blur because we got the news that Trevor would be going to captain upgrade training in early March. We spent the month getting the house as clean as possible, doing all the laundry, and getting Trevor packed for training all while he studied like crazy and still did his usual flight schedule plus some mandatory, annual first officer training, too!

March began with Trevor having five days off before his two weeks of training in Fort Lauderdale. Because he had an intense training schedule with just one day off in two weeks, not counting his the day before his flight home scheduled for the second day after his last simulator session, he wouldn't be able to come home to see us, nor would we be able to go visit him.

Day one began with a huge headache. I started trying to figure out which of our friends could take Hudson for a few hours so I could go to urgent care and maybe a pharmacy. I eventually hit on the right combo of over the counter drugs and essential oils (I know, I know, but I assure you, I only use a few that work in a way that is logical and make sense scientifically). My mom came to stay with Hudson and me for the middle five days of training. A day after she left, I ended up with another sinus headache and Hudson pooped the tub.

Trevor finally got to come home on day 15, but I ended up texting him before the flight "Check in with me when you land. Fever and chills. May send Hudson to a friend's house." Luckily, it passed, and we had a good day together before I was hit HARD with a stomach bug. I was down for three full days and part of a fourth day. Trevor quarantined me to our bedroom and kept Hudson as far from me as possible.

The week after Trevor's training ended, we were able to see two dear friends who were in town. One was preparing to interview at Delta, the other had moved onto the simulator portion of his training at Delta and will soon be flying for them.

A week later, when Trevor was set to begin his first trip as a captain, he woke up in his hotel room at 3 a.m. with my flu. Fortunately, it passed more quickly for him, and he was able to go to work the next morning and continue his trip. He's currently flying as the captain with instructor pilots flying as his first officers. Trevor will do three trips with these instructor pilots before he is signed off to continue as a normal captain. The sign off is also important because that's when he receives the pay bump that comes with his extra responsibilities!

Hudson is a busy and wild little guy right now. He turns two in just a couple weeks! He started walking last July, which quickly led to running, moving backwards, and walking on his knees. His vocabulary is growing exponentially. In October, I was worried he was a little behind, but by Christmas, his speech was well ahead of where it should be. We now hear more than 200 distinct words from him, and he speaks with simple sentences on occasion. He loves to "read," though he is more interested in looking at pictures than hearing the story! He also loves all things that "go" right now - planes, trains, cars, etc. We watch a lot of Tayo, a Korean cartoon that features a little blue bus just starting his service to the city of Seoul. We also watch Curious George, Sesame Street, Thomas and Friends, Chuggington, and Finding Dory quite often.

Hudson attends a preschool class at our church two mornings a week. He's learning his colors, numbers, and some simple sayings derived from bible verses. Most importantly, he is learning how to play with others and how to deal with Mommy and Daddy leaving him for a little while. We have been so blessed to have this option this school year, and we are actually a little sad that summer is coming! I'm exploring options for the summer months right now.

So, that's what we've been up to lately! I hope to begin posting more often. I've been doing a lot of reading this year, and I want to share my book reviews as well as my crafting adventures this year. I'm also starting to dabble in sewing, so you'll probably get a chance to see my early adventures in that, too!

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