Tuesday, December 9, 2014

20 week update

Sorry this ended up so long! I realized I hadn't really updated since I announced our pregnancy on the blog in October! Since so much happens in the second trimester, I had a lot to say today! I'll try to update a little more regularly from here on out!

I'm nearly seven weeks into the second trimester and I'm feeling great. The nausea is gone, the fatigue is pretty much gone, and my food aversions are mostly gone. We drove past a barbecue restaurant a month ago, and the smokey smell actually appealed to me for the first time since I found out about the pregnancy. I actually shed a couple tears! Chicken and anything grilled turned my stomach so badly until I finished the first trimester. Those first ten weeks of pregnancy symptoms were the worst!

At 15 weeks, we paid a visit to Baby Dimensions, an ultrasound boutique in Newnan. They are able to discern gender at 15 weeks in most cases. Since we couldn't wait to find out and start prepping the baby's nursery, we went in as soon as we hit 15 weeks. Our baby was quite obviously a boy! Apparently, that part of the anatomy is a bit, um, out of proportion at that stage, so it's quite easy to see on an ultrasound!

The 16 week appointment went quite well. The midwife was able to find the heartbeat with no problem. Because my ten week ultrasound (an emergency one due to major pain) showed an anterior placenta, it had been tough to hear the heartbeat at all our previous appointments.

Around 17 weeks, I started feeling the little guy wiggling around a little bit, especially when I was excited or had just eaten. Since hitting 19 weeks last week, he has been noticeably wiggly each evening. On Black Friday night, he started wiggling as soon as I laid down to go to bed, and each time I woke in the night, I felt him wiggling. When the alarm went off on Saturday morning, he was wiggling again! I guess this means that he is, unfortunately, a night owl like his parents!

Feeling movement was a huge milestone for me. I am a worrier. I have been looking forward to feeling movement since the moment I found out our baby was on the way. I craved the reassurance that he was still there, and still doing well. Knowing that he's going to be active sometime in the evening definitely helps keep me calm (babies are most active between 9PM and 3AM, on average).

We have made a lot of preparations for his arrival lately. Trevor fixed the drywall tape and nail pops in the room that is about to be his nursery. Trevor also started painting the room and his dresser (the cheap Ikea dresser I used when we first moved to Georgia and soon found wasn't able to hold adult denim without bowing the drawers). We have his crib and mattress, and they will be assembled as soon as we're rid of the futon that fills his future room. We've also purchased some clothes, some cloth diapers, and his crib comforter (which we know he won't use until he's a toddler, but we wanted to use it to choose paint colors). And of course, we completed our baby registries so our families could use those to shop from this Christmas.

Our 20 week appointment included the big anatomy scan, where they check to see that the internal organs are there and that the limbs look normal. Our little guy is perfect, they said. I was warned that I would feel a lot more movement after the anatomy scan. I was surprised that it took just a couple days for me to feel the first movement that really caught me off guard! Baby boy is definitely growing big and strong. Movement still isn't consistent, but it's getting more frequent and stronger.

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