Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A little announcement...

Baby V will be arriving in late April. I am currently 14 weeks pregnant. I feel like my bump really popped out this week, but I'm still too small to need true maternity clothing. I've been getting by with belly bands, rubber bands, a few loose tops and dresses, and a handful of maternity tees. I have two pairs of below the bump pants from Target, and they are heavenly! I think they are almost as good as yoga pants!

 I've felt pretty good most of the time, but when I've been unwell, I've been REALLY unwell. I have a lot of sinus trouble each fall, and as it came on this year, it brought a lot of nausea and pain. I missed two days of school because I was too miserable to consider going in. I had a nasty sinus infection in September, on my 30th birthday! 

 I'm very tired most days, but I feel blessed to miss out on the constant vomiting others have experienced at this point! The stretching pains were a surprise to me. Now that I know they are normal, they aren't too bad - but I was awfully alarmed the first few days I had them!

Baby is developing normally. According to my Ovia pregnancy app, he or she is the size of a beet and weighs nearly an ounce. We have had several appointments already, and for those trying to guess the baby's sex, each appointment has recorded a heart rate over 150 beats per minute. At our nuchal translucency scan last week, baby was kicking like crazy and looking very much like a baby (and not the gummy bear we saw in the eight week scan).

I'll leave you now with a picture from that 13 week scan:

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