Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Around here...

I haven't really posted an update about our lives since sometime last year. Yikes! I think it's about time for such an update.

I am super busy at work right now. We missed 8 days this winter that we won't be making up - but staff must make up those hours. That means I'm working hard with my teachers to get our students ready for the CRCT exams I'm April and putting in extra hours to make up the 50+ hours I missed. I'm counting down the days until Spring Break in April, and I'm happy to say it's soon going to be in the single digits.

At home, I'm finally falling into a routine again. It was tough this semester because we didn't have many long stretches of school until March. After six months in our home, Crookshanks and Minerva are finally settling in. Minerva is mellowing out a bit and needing less attention, while Crookshanks is beginning to be very affectionate. I still can't pick him up, but he does climb in my lap at least once a day now.

The blossoming pear tree we planted two years ago is blooming. I'm planning my container garden and dreaming up long-term plans for our jacked up backyard. Sometimes, I can't decide if I want to put the work required into the backyard or if I just want to sell this house and buy one with a much better yard. Both options seem to require more work than I would like to put in at this point. 

Trevor is in week 7 of training at Spirit. He really just has one evaluation and a initial operating experience trip between him and officially be an A320 pilot! With luck, all that will be done within the next two weeks, and he will be home with me again for a few days before beginning his April schedule. It is really crazy how quickly all this happened. Training seemed to fly by for me. I hope it went as quickly for Trevor as it did for me! I feel like there are still a million things I want to get done before Trevor comes home, which is silly because he's been home three times since he started training. 

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